Sienna Mashay Series


Genesis of Waters of the Wadi

Birthed from an idea in 2018, Waters of the Wadi found its narrative soul during the introspective period of the Covid pandemic. In these moments of global pause and reflection, the author found the inspiration to weave a story rich with contemporary resonance.

Set against the backdrop of pivotal world events, such as Russia's attack on Ukraine and the rise of powerful artificial intelligence, the novel weaves these themes into its narrative, ensuring a modern and relatable context. This careful integration gives the story a pulse that beats in time with our present world, capturing the complexities and constant evolution of the times we live in.

As the story developed, it became apparent that the rich depth of the characters and their universe merited a broader exploration. This realization led to the conception of a series, beginning with Waters of the Wadi – a complete and standalone novel in its own right. Future novels in the series will follow suit, each a self-contained narrative offering its own unique and captivating exploration of life's multifaceted experiences.

Upcoming Adventures in the Sienna Mashay Series

As we turn the last page of Waters of the Wadi, the journey is far from over. The Sienna Mashay series is set to continue, bringing readers even deeper into the lives of Sienna and those closest to her. With each new installment, expect a rich exploration of evolving themes, deepening relationships, and the unwavering spirit of adventure that has captivated your heart.

The next chapter in Sienna's saga is already in the works, with the author dedicating the coming year to weaving another compelling tale. Each novel in the series will stand alone, a unique adventure that retains the familiar style and vibrancy that fans have come to love.

Prepare for a series where every book is an odyssey in itself, exploring diverse themes set against the backdrop of thrilling escapades. The spirit of adventure that defines Sienna's character will continue to be the guiding force, taking readers on journeys that are as thought-provoking as they are exhilarating.

Stay tuned for the next enthralling installment in the Sienna Mashay series, where the adventure continues, relationships deepen, and new mysteries await.

Meet the Author Behind Waters of the Wadi

Discover the intriguing world crafted by an author whose life is as diverse and compelling as the characters in her novel. With a BSc in Mathematics and a longstanding passion for languages, Eva-Karin Lindström blends a unique analytical perspective with a deep understanding of cultural nuances, making Waters of the Wadi a novel that resonates with intellectual and emotional depth.

Her journey through life, marked by encounters with individuals from a childhood neighborhood with more than 50 nationalities and travels that introduced her to a multitude of inspiring personalities, is vividly reflected in the richly diverse characters of her book. Each character is a mosaic, pieced together from the fascinating people she's met, offering a window into a world of varied cultures and experiences.

The author's innovative writing process, which incorporates mind maps and an iterative technique, mirrors the intricate, layered narrative of the novel. This method allows for a story that evolves organically, reflecting the unpredictability and complexity of life itself.

In her commitment to authenticity and depth, she steers clear of explicit material, focusing instead on the strength of narrative and character development. This approach resonates particularly with readers who seek meaningful, thought-provoking literature.

Her background as a translator further enriches her storytelling, imbuing it with linguistic precision and a flair for cultural subtleties. This skill translates into a narrative that's not only engaging but also linguistically rich and culturally insightful.

Waters of the Wadi is more than just a book; it's a journey through a world as diverse and intricate as the author's own experiences.

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